Company overview


At Flight Logistics Group our employees are our most important asset. Our team is committed and knowledgeable with a proven track record in operations management, equipment manufacturing, transportation, and other related businesses. Providing a solid combination of expertise, dependability and responsiveness – all necessary in order to deliver optimal results and meet our customers’ aviation needs. Flight Logistics Group differentiates itself from the competition by conducting business with internal and external customers in a partnership manner. Our organization is sensitive to our customers competitive pressures and business economies.


Flight Logistics Group is dedicated to responding to your needs in a timely manner.
We showcase our talent, integrity, and work ethic through the process we follow to complete your transactions. Every customer, regardless of size, receives optimal service.
Repeat customers are the life line to any business, so we conduct each transaction with the intent of long-term relationships. We are responsible and accountable for completing your request from arrival to delivery.


Because providing optimal value is our goal, long-term partnerships designed to fit each airline’s or OEM’s specific requirements are carefully cultivated. We are here to stay. Utilizing the best vehicles for sourcing, we obtain the best possible prices to match the quality our customers demand. The result, value and service beyond expectations. Flight Logistics Group currently performs purchasing services for major airlines and maintenance centers.

“On Time Delivery”

There are enough complications in our daily lives without adding more to our business processes.
That is why we employ simple internal directives to ensure optimal results for our valued worldwide customers. Our “On Time delivery” concept assures simplicity, speed, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Trust FLG to get the job done.

We strive to continually meet your requirements and deliver optimal customer satisfaction.
Our inventory system utilizes the most advanced telecommunications and computer technology available today. Our staff possesses technical expertise in the aviation industry combined with extensive marketing experience. These qualities enable us to provide you with the best value and service available.
We represent some major airlines and provide repair and purchasing administration. This enables us to receive volume discounts, which we then extend to our customers.

At Flight Logistics Group we promote a company-based philosophy of “Quality First” and demonstrates it up by hiring and training the most qualified people, working with the most reliable suppliers, and purchasing only the best materials. Our products, documentation, and service guidelines exceeds ASA requirements.
Our Quality Management System at Flight Logistics Group is designed to work with the best in the industry. Our team has the knowledge and experience to ensure accurate and reliable documentation that meets and exceeds ASA-100 requirements. Maintaining the highest guideline ensures our products consistently meets your needs

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