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Company history.

Flight Logistics Group has been serving the aviation market for over 17 years. being flexible and easily adaptable to the ever changing aviation industry, FLG has made a name for itself, a name with a strong reputation.

  • 1998 – Pre-Flight Check Start in Weston, FL

    After being in the aviation business for over 10 years, Michael Elkaim decides to open his own repair shop, specializing in Crew Seats, joysticks, and other electrical components.

  • 1999 – Taxi the Runway Building the workforce

    After establishing the company and a few customers, FLG began to hire its first employees and had a staff of about 4.

  • 2005 – Take Off FLG Expanding, needed more space

    After much success, FLG expanded its warehouse size to accommodate the work load and growing customer base. FLG now has 8 employees.

  • 2010 – Flying FLG moves to Davie

    FLG Began with crew seats, and how now expanded to composites. Needed a bigger warehouse to store parts as well as work on them

  • 2014 – Prepare for landing FLG opens its facility in Sebring, FL

    With teardowns in the near future, a warehouse has been aquired to hold all inventory, as well as any future aircrafts at there end of life cycles ready to be parted back out into the undustry.

  • 2016 to present – Arrive at final destination FLG’s final arrival

After FLG’s success as a repair station, the company has made its final move to Miramar FL. with a 20,000 SQFT facility and state-of-the-art equipment, there is nothing FLG cant take on!