Sep 15

Flight Logistics Group has always looked into expanding and for new ways to better serve the market. After FLG did it’s first consignments on a A320 & a 747-400, being so successful, decided to open its very own tear down facility. 

The tear down facility is located in Sebring, FL. A small town about an hour and half south of Orlando and two hours north of Miami. At this 35,000 SQFT facility, we keep stock of all our tear down inventory and currently our 727. With an available 30,000 square feet of tarmac at our disposal, we can accommodate about 2 commercial airliners and one in the hangar. With plans to expand the runway, FLGT will eventually be doing C & D checks, which vision of also doing onsite repairs for composites, painting and more.


Keep on the lookout for more news with our tear down facility!




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